Lite Light  

A lighting sculpture about Lightness

Is the only goal of a light to provide light? It's certainly its main objective, but – task lighting aside – it also has other functions, such as providing atmosphere or filling a void space with a considered gesture.

We set out to design a Light Sculpture – a constellation that is something halfway between a functional light and a sculptural piece for large or high spaces. To design something that tells something about light, that makes it visible and adds meaning to it, without the constraint of shining a light onto something in particular.

Staring up into voids and hallways while we were playing with these thoughts we started to realise we weren't thinking about light; we were thinking about Lightness.

Lightness is about freedom and about not being restrained by weight and gravity. A light about lightness is therefore a kite that emits light: a Lite.



The Lite Light was made possible by the help of Pyrasied