Rive Roshan Launches launches new work at New York Design Week



Colour Shift Panel - Nude launches with Property Furniture during New York Design Week alongside then Trichroic Mirror. You will find our pieces amongst the wonderful collection of pieces in the Property Furniture showroom during New York Design Week.


UTOPIA featuring work by:
Fornace Brioni, Nocturnal, Normann Copenhagen, Pulpo, Ocrum, Petite Friture, Rive Roshan

Opening Reception During NYC Design Week 
May 15th, 6PM – 9PM

Address: 57 Walker Street
RSVP: property@shinadvisors.com



You will also find a collection of our pieces with Manfredi Style at 1st Dibs Gallery. For those who would like to see our pieces in real life you will be able to find the Colour Dial Table - Ruby, Colour Shift Panel - Emerald and the Trichroic Table on show in their space. 

1st Dibs Gallery - Booth 207
Terminal Warehouse
269 11th Avenue Lobby 4, 7th Floor,
New York, NY 10001

Pieces for Almost Unreal exhibition at Museum Jan van der Togt

A Selection Of Pieces Accompanying Paintings By Willem Van Veldhuizen Exhibited Alongside Pieces By Iris Van Herpen, Scholten & Baijings, Judith Roux And Olivier Van Herpt


From 13 March to 2 June 2019, the Museum Jan van der Togt will present a retrospective of the work of painter Willem van Veldhuizen (1954).

Forty years ago, Willem van Veldhuizen became fascinated by the almost empty rooms he found in museums. The harmony, the halls where there is nothing superfluous, the focus on art: they still keep him busy. In these paintings you will find no people but silence, and an overwhelming personal vision of spatiality. With its light effects, reflections and its glimpses of the outside, Van Veldhuizen's work looks realistic. Yet it is not an indiscriminate representation of reality. It is "almost unreal."

Accompanying the paintings there are surprising art and design objects that could have belonged in his paintings by Iris van Herpen, Scholten & Baijings, Rive Roshan, Olivier van Herpt and Judith Roux. Just like Van Veldhuizen, they play with light, color and space, and with different dimensions. In the museum rooms they fulfill the role that works of art play in Van Veldhuizen's paintings. A multidisciplinary ensemble of beauty and tranquility.

Rive Roshan Museum Jan van der Togt
Rive Roshan Museum Jan van der Togt
Rive Roshan Museum Jan van der Togt

Rive Roshan at Elle Decoration's Work Life Penthouse

Elle Decoration — Work Life

Rive Roshan has been selected by Elle Decoration to include our latest work in their Elle Decoration Penthouse on the 5th floor of Strip-T.

Rive Roshan Elle Decoration

The tiny penthouse on the 5th floor in the Strijp-T building is transformed into an exciting apartment which showcases inspiring designs in an atmosphere where work and play go hand in hand. ELLE Decoration is putting on various trend-talks, live photoshoots and more during the week. Come on up for a meet & greet with the editorial team, or just to hang out on our amazing covered rooftop terrace.


TQ 3
Achtseweg Zuid 153
5651GW Eindhoven

see the program here

Design for Happiness at Sectie-C during Dutch Design Week

Rive Roshan – 28 grams of Happiness – Dutch Design Week

An installation of our pieces will be on exhibition as a setting for DDW 28 Grams of Happiness — a sensorial food experience and exhibition in Sectie C — Galerie Art Experience by KRL - curated by Justine Kontou.

rive Roshan dutch design week 2018 28 grams of happiness
By creating multi-sensorial experiences to enhance the well-being in spaces,
my goal is to create an environment that’s soothing and comfortable for it’s users.
By letting them experience the positive effects of art and
nature, they are stimulated to enter into their natural strength.
— Justine Kontou



A food design experience by THE EATELIER & PIPPENS

Surrounding a multi-sensory food experience is the exhibition 28 grams of happiness, curated by JUSTINE KONTOU.  This joyful, sensorial exhibition, experiments with colours, shapes and materials to create an environment that also brings people in a positive state of mind.  It will present how art and design can provoke a sense of wonder, luck, content and/or gratefulness. Bringing the total experience to a complete journey through the pursuit of happiness.

From a holistic approach, Justine creates healthy interior concepts and spatial experiences to improve the well-being of people. By creating a natural environment with art and mindful design, senses are stimulated to bring people in their natural strength: a state in which the body functions in perfect harmony both physically and mentally.

Rive Roshan has designed the separation wall between the Dining and Exhibition area and has new and existing work as part of the exhibition. Other designers in the exhibition include Mae Engelgeer, Alissa + Nienke, Arnout Meijer, Bloomon, David Derksen, Angela Willemsen, Enrichers, Atelier Rick Tegelaar for Moooi, Studio Roos Meerman, Steven Banken, Studio Wave & Particle, Susanne de Graef.


Come and see us and our work:

October 20 – 28, 2018


Sectie-C: Hall 12
Daalakkersweg 12
5641 JA Eindhoven

more information here


Trichroic Tapestries in Big Art


As part of Big Art in Amsterdam Rive Roshan installed their Trichroic Tapesties – originally designed for the staircase of Musée des Arts Décoratif in Paris – in the ornate ball room of a historic canal house on one of Amterdam's main canals, the Herengracht.

The contrast between the ornate heritage interiors and the bold, hypnotic textile layers of Trichroic Tapestries can be seen in real life until Sunday 15th of October.

For more information please visit the website of Big Art.

Age of Man at Milan Design Week 2017

As part of the Form&Seek Collective Rive Roshan will be presenting new and existing work in the Lambrate District during Salone del Mobile 2017.

For Milan Design Week 2017 we have co-curated 'The Age of Man' exhibition with work by members of our collective, Form&Seek. 

' In a response to the growing awareness of the consequences of our actions we think that as designers we can play a leading role in shaping our future attitudes towards natural resources, production processes and the consumption of goods'. 

Rive Roshan will be exhibiting a collection of their work exploring colour and time. As part of the collection we will exhibit a naturally blackened edition of Circadian Tapestry.

Special Edition Loom Bound for Joints + Bones exhibition at The Aram Gallery

Rive Roshan presents a special edition of Loom Bound as part of the Joints + Bones exhibition at the Aram Gallery.

Rive Roshan was invited to take part in the final exhibition of the year at the Aram Gallery. For this exhibition, called Joints + Bones, Loom Bound was selected as a modular partitioning system that uses bands of Kvadrat fabric as a hinge and a joining element.

Rive Roshan has created a special edition of Loom Bound for this show, made as a response to the modernist icons seen in the Aram Store, and in particular to one of the ‘De Stijl’ icons – Rietvelds’ Red and Blue chair. It features a naturally blackened oak structure that creates a striking contrast between the wooden structure and coloured fabric panels highlighting the joints and bones of the architectural divider.

Fabric is used as a hinge and a constructive joint for the oak components in this partition system. Loom Bound is a modular design, and the partition can be extended, adapted or configured to suit a particular space.  The design can be used to divide spaces, improve acoustics, create storage or areas of privacy. 

About the exhibition

Joints + Bones investigates the structure and connections of design, as opposed to surfaces or skins. An international mix of emerging and established designers have found innovative, beautiful and experimental ways of joining elements to make furniture and structures with varying scale and scope. Some exhibits make the mechanics of their joinery explicit, asking us to look at how construction can lead to overall form or rationale. Tension, pivots and bespoke 3D-printed parts are some common means with playful possibilities. Other projects investigate new methods of combining materials, often with an unusual agent employed to do the joining: a stretch of fabric, a hose clip, or shrunken plastic bottles as a rudimentary graft. Exhibits vary from decorative screws and cable ties, to modular structures that can repeat to fill whole rooms.  Alongside these works, is a set of complementary exhibits that are inspired by bones and anatomy in more abstract ways. Translucent textile hangings that remind of X-rays, crockery in bone china, elastic ligaments that hold lids to their containers, and skeletal structures grown by fusing powder around hot wires. Encouraging a deeper appreciation of design, Joints + Bones looks at how methods of joining can go beyond an essential role and give a piece of design its logic, originality and character. Dedicated to promoting understanding of contemporary design, The Aram Gallery aims to inspire both a design and general audience with its investigative approach to an exciting theme. 

London Design Festival 2016

Rive Roshan

This year for London Design Festival 2016 Form&Seek had two shows  where Rive Roshan showed a collection of products. 

Form&Seek brought together fresh, vibrant designs in two great shows this year during London Design Festival 2016 with the theme of “De-construct/Re-construct”.

On their 3rd year at London Design Festival, Form&Seek collective focused on innovative use of materials and processes to form unique objects.

The shows included products from 30 international designers and studios within two location in BOXPARK Shoreditch and Tent London.

Electro Craft 16 Sept – 15 October

We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting a new pieces of work at Electro Craft an exhibition initiated by Studio Tord Boontje. We will be presenting our latest piece the Circadian Tapestry amongst work by designers including: Front, Raw Edges, Studio Tord Boontje, Bethan Laura Wood and Industrial Facility. 


Electro Craft is about the craft of electronics and electronics made as craft. It asks the question, ‘what are electrical products and appliances like when they are not designed primarily with mass-production in mind?’ The thirty-or-so works in the exhibition, by numerous emerging and established designers and studios, bring together the values of handcraft with the complexity of electrical technologies.  Almost all self-initiated works by the designers themselves, the objects invite electrical manufacturers to think differently about how products are conceived, designed, made and used, when the pressures and conventions of mass-production are sidestepped, and craftsmanship is valued.

Circadian Tapestry is a modular, kinetic tapestry inspired by the influence of cycles in nature and human life. The tapestry rotates at a slow pace giving us a notion of time through a meditative and ‘chromological’ (or ‘colour order’) manner. The reflective and transient approach to the passing of time is achieved through different looped panels that move in cycles to transform the colour and composition.

Loom UnBound: de-constructed at Northmodern

Rive Roshan Northmodern

Rive Roshan was invited by Northmodern to design an installation as a focal point in the Architonic area of the fair using Kvadrat textiles. The installation is a deconstructed 8 metres high suspended composition of textile and wood highlighting the use of fabric as a constructive material.

At floor level a series of Loom Bound room partition screens interweave with Kvadrat Air backdrops that create virtual walls.

Mirroring the central installation the Rive Roshan booth presents an exhibition with new work at the front and an archive with peaks 'behind the scenes' in the rear section of the show. 

A few new typologies of the Loom Bound family will be launched at Northmodern: a desk for occasional use and shelves that can be easily inserted into any Loom Bound screen turning it into a storage system. 

As part of the Loom Bound collection a high and low stool are introduced, designed to fit cushions designed by Studio 180°. The cushions are 100% organic and handmade in their studio in London.

Another piece to be launched during Northmodern and a centrepiece on the backwall is Circadian, a modular tapestry inspired by the influence of cycles in nature and human life. 

The studio will also be presented new lights, ceramics and glass pieces at the fair as well.

Rive Roshan fabric used by Ron Arad for new jewellery collection

Ron Arad × Rive Roshan

Ron Arad × Rive Roshan

Ron Arad has used printed silk from the Through the Looking Glass project enclosed in cast silicon for Rocks, his new jewellery collection that will be on display at the Louisa Guinness Gallery in London from the 24th of February.

The fabric was chosen by Ron Arad for its intricate pattern that was designed to be distorted by cut glass. This characteristic has been further explored by Arad with the fabric captured within the silicon and being distorted in random patterns.

The show will be on for one month and will feature necklaces, bracelets and earrings made from different materials, such as silicon, quartz and gold.

Rive Roshan exhibits two new collections in Musée des Arts Décoratif

Photography: Floor Knaapen

Photography: Floor Knaapen


Exhibition open from 5th until the 8th of September 2015


Experimental London based design studio Rive Roshan launched two new collections as part of the ‘Meet my Project’ exhibition – called Are you talking to me? – in Musée des Arts Décoratif in Paris during Paris Design Week.

The launch of a project called Trichroic Tapestries is the first installation in a series of contemporary tapestries that explores visual manifestations of refraction and lenticular effects in textile. The project looks at the interaction of colours and creates an animated experience for viewers to experience as they walk around the 5 metre textile pieces which hangs in an ornate staircase from the ornate ceiling of the old Louvre building.

The second project that has been launched was an extended and improved design of the Wayang collection of pendants that was first shown during Salone del Mobile 2015 in Milan. The fabric lights are inspired by Wayang puppetry theatre and play with the projection of patterns onto layered white fabric. The new collection of Wayang now also includes a black edition. 

For more information on these projects and images you may contact us on on: onlygoodnews@riveroshan.com


More about Rive Roshan:

Rive Roshan is a London based design studio. In their work Rive Roshan aim to reinterpret human cultural and natural heritage into new forms to improve peoples lives functionally, aesthetically and emotionally. They are intrigued by exploring visual phenomenons through their work. Rive Roshan release their own collection of personal accessories and collaborate with other designers and brands. All their products are locally produced.


More about Meet My Project:

The mission of Meet My Project is to promote design and contemporary creativity and unite the various actors of the design world supporting this process – designers, publishers, manufacturers and distributors. Meet My Project aims as well to increase appreciation for design across the society by highlighting the values delivered through design and by making design accessible and understandable to the large public. Through a selection of innovative objects in the world of textile, furniture and new technologies, we explore the secrets of their evolution from the initial concept to the final product, depending on the choice of each designer.



Keep it Glassy 2 

Forming a Future in Glass

April 19, 2015 - March 31, 2016

The Shanghai Museum of Glass kicks off its 2015 year program with the second edition of 

design exhibition Keep it Glassy. Keep it Glassy, a concept developed and co-curated by 

COORDINATION ASIA, focuses on glass design. It brings international talent to Shanghai 

and explores the many ways in which glass inspires designers. 

Keep it Glassy 2 will zoom in on how designers express their vision on the future, using 

the versatile material of glass. The intriguing stories and smart strategies that are 

presented in this exhibition show how designers make use of glass’ specific traits to 

shape their ideas for a better tomorrow. In the exhibition, four rooms highlight four 

different perspectives that can be taken when envisioning the future, through glass.

The exhibition will be on show in the design space of the Shanghai Museum of Glass, and 

features established names amongst which Nendo, Studio Formafantasma and Dominic 

Wilcox, as well as new talent such as Ingrid Hulskamp and Bilge Nur Saltik.

More information:



Shanghai Museum of Glass

685 West Changjiang Road

Baoshan District, Shanghai, China