Rive Roshan exhibits two new collections in Musée des Arts Décoratif

Photography: Floor Knaapen

Photography: Floor Knaapen


Exhibition open from 5th until the 8th of September 2015


Experimental London based design studio Rive Roshan launched two new collections as part of the ‘Meet my Project’ exhibition – called Are you talking to me? – in Musée des Arts Décoratif in Paris during Paris Design Week.

The launch of a project called Trichroic Tapestries is the first installation in a series of contemporary tapestries that explores visual manifestations of refraction and lenticular effects in textile. The project looks at the interaction of colours and creates an animated experience for viewers to experience as they walk around the 5 metre textile pieces which hangs in an ornate staircase from the ornate ceiling of the old Louvre building.

The second project that has been launched was an extended and improved design of the Wayang collection of pendants that was first shown during Salone del Mobile 2015 in Milan. The fabric lights are inspired by Wayang puppetry theatre and play with the projection of patterns onto layered white fabric. The new collection of Wayang now also includes a black edition. 

For more information on these projects and images you may contact us on on: onlygoodnews@riveroshan.com


More about Rive Roshan:

Rive Roshan is a London based design studio. In their work Rive Roshan aim to reinterpret human cultural and natural heritage into new forms to improve peoples lives functionally, aesthetically and emotionally. They are intrigued by exploring visual phenomenons through their work. Rive Roshan release their own collection of personal accessories and collaborate with other designers and brands. All their products are locally produced.


More about Meet My Project:

The mission of Meet My Project is to promote design and contemporary creativity and unite the various actors of the design world supporting this process – designers, publishers, manufacturers and distributors. Meet My Project aims as well to increase appreciation for design across the society by highlighting the values delivered through design and by making design accessible and understandable to the large public. Through a selection of innovative objects in the world of textile, furniture and new technologies, we explore the secrets of their evolution from the initial concept to the final product, depending on the choice of each designer.