Electro Craft 16 Sept – 15 October

We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting a new pieces of work at Electro Craft an exhibition initiated by Studio Tord Boontje. We will be presenting our latest piece the Circadian Tapestry amongst work by designers including: Front, Raw Edges, Studio Tord Boontje, Bethan Laura Wood and Industrial Facility. 


Electro Craft is about the craft of electronics and electronics made as craft. It asks the question, ‘what are electrical products and appliances like when they are not designed primarily with mass-production in mind?’ The thirty-or-so works in the exhibition, by numerous emerging and established designers and studios, bring together the values of handcraft with the complexity of electrical technologies.  Almost all self-initiated works by the designers themselves, the objects invite electrical manufacturers to think differently about how products are conceived, designed, made and used, when the pressures and conventions of mass-production are sidestepped, and craftsmanship is valued.

Circadian Tapestry is a modular, kinetic tapestry inspired by the influence of cycles in nature and human life. The tapestry rotates at a slow pace giving us a notion of time through a meditative and ‘chromological’ (or ‘colour order’) manner. The reflective and transient approach to the passing of time is achieved through different looped panels that move in cycles to transform the colour and composition.