Design for Happiness at Sectie-C during Dutch Design Week

Rive Roshan – 28 grams of Happiness – Dutch Design Week

An installation of our pieces will be on exhibition as a setting for DDW 28 Grams of Happiness — a sensorial food experience and exhibition in Sectie C — Galerie Art Experience by KRL - curated by Justine Kontou.

rive Roshan dutch design week 2018 28 grams of happiness
By creating multi-sensorial experiences to enhance the well-being in spaces,
my goal is to create an environment that’s soothing and comfortable for it’s users.
By letting them experience the positive effects of art and
nature, they are stimulated to enter into their natural strength.
— Justine Kontou



A food design experience by THE EATELIER & PIPPENS

Surrounding a multi-sensory food experience is the exhibition 28 grams of happiness, curated by JUSTINE KONTOU.  This joyful, sensorial exhibition, experiments with colours, shapes and materials to create an environment that also brings people in a positive state of mind.  It will present how art and design can provoke a sense of wonder, luck, content and/or gratefulness. Bringing the total experience to a complete journey through the pursuit of happiness.

From a holistic approach, Justine creates healthy interior concepts and spatial experiences to improve the well-being of people. By creating a natural environment with art and mindful design, senses are stimulated to bring people in their natural strength: a state in which the body functions in perfect harmony both physically and mentally.

Rive Roshan has designed the separation wall between the Dining and Exhibition area and has new and existing work as part of the exhibition. Other designers in the exhibition include Mae Engelgeer, Alissa + Nienke, Arnout Meijer, Bloomon, David Derksen, Angela Willemsen, Enrichers, Atelier Rick Tegelaar for Moooi, Studio Roos Meerman, Steven Banken, Studio Wave & Particle, Susanne de Graef.


Come and see us and our work:

October 20 – 28, 2018


Sectie-C: Hall 12
Daalakkersweg 12
5641 JA Eindhoven

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