Rive·Roshan part of No Borders exhibition

During Istanbul Design Week Rive·Roshan and Bilge Nur Saltik presented their collaboration project 'Through the Looking Glass' as part of the No Borders Exhibition. 



Launched at Istanbul Design Week as part of the No Borders exhibition, the collection ‘Through the Looking Glass’ comprised of fine silk scarves and handkerchieves and handmade glass scarf rings, exploring the relationship between intricate patterns on the silk and the playful lenticular effect of the rings. When the scarves and rings are worn together the glass rings create surprising and expressive refraction of shape and colour.

‘With this collection we have tried to satisfy the human desire to look beyond the surface and discover what’s beneath it. The rings refract our vision, showing the detail of the weave and the resolution of the print and it distorts the patterns into wild, unpredictable shapes and colours.’