Northmodern Copenhagen

Installation for pre-launch textile concept

Rive Roshan was commissioned by Northmodern to design an installation showcasing the use of textile in new, innovative ways to pre-launch a new textile concept. The installation using Kvadrat fabric was a deconstructed suspended composition of textile and wood building further on the concept of fabric as a constructive material. 
At floor level a series of Loom Bound room partition screens were interweaving with Kvadrat Air backdrops that create virtual walls. 
Mirroring the central installation the Rive Roshan exhibition showcased new and existing work at the front and an archive with peaks 'behind the scenes' in the rear section of the show. The ‘Trichoric tapestry’ that was designed for Musée des Arts decoratifs last year was also on show at Northmodern. The layers of fabric created an animation of colour and pattern with the wind.